Everything was right. There was mood, maybe even candles or just a beautiful night. Two lovers and a bed and a lot of time to spend. However, something was wrong. There wasn’t really any sign before that this might happen nevertheless it happened. Something is not as hard as it should be. You are trying to improve that, but results are more or less the same. It happened once so you let it go. But the other night is no different. Erectile dysfunction syndrome is just as bad for a man as any other disease that prevents him to have a fulfilling sexual life. Earlier known as impotency, it struck men like a plague.

Has there been any other cure?

It depends on how serious the disease is and what is its cause. For example, much easier is that ED that is caused by a psychological trauma. An intense work with therapist might even be able to definitely get rid of this problem. But most men do not have this psychological help – the cause are health issues. Whether its that or this, you can count that Cobra 120 mg can help you be a man once and you don’t have to pay therapist to get your confidence back.